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KAWS Light Bulbs!

24 Jan

Here is a shot of the bulbs provided by The Standard of its new collaboration alongside KAWS. The bulbs come in a range of different colors and pair KAWS’ unique ability to transform just about anything into a piece of art, even something as simple as a light bulb. Further details on the project are available here, with the set of three now available for purchase at the price of $65 USD.


iPhone goes old school!

8 Jan

Go Old school, with the New school, the Native Union’s new MM03i Bluetooth Handset Features an integrated iPhone charger/dock and a 3.5mm audio line out for plugging into speakers,  available in 2 colors: black and white.  There are dedicated answer and end call buttons, volume control, and a connection status visual indicator. Rich livin’ just got a whole lot better!