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Adidas Originals x Star Wars Spring/Summer 2011

6 Jan

The Force is with the Three Stripes again in 2011… here’s a preview of the forthcoming Star Wars x adidas footwear range due for release next year. The collection is broken into two parts – the ‘Select Pack’ that is closely modeled on characters from the original film franchise, and the ‘Direct Pack’ which fuses the Star Wars universe with sports and pop culture.

Highlights include a vividly detailed Skyline with the urban skyline replaced by an illustration of the Imperial planet Coruscant (pictured); and a deathly dark ZX-8000 with crackling energy beams on the midsole representing Emporor Palpatine.Check them all out on sneakerfreaker here.


The names Nice, Mr Nice.

7 Oct

Rhys Ifans plays Howard Marks, the Oxford-educated Welshman who, chaotically and bizarrely, stumbled into the game of importing hashish from Pakistan to the UK in the early 70s, back in the days when this lucrative and unexplored market was still open to gentleman amateurs. The movie is based on the tall tales in Marks’s 1996 memoir Mr Nice. That title, taken from an alias he once assumed, cheerfully invites us to take seriously the idea that he is, indeed, Mr Nice, that the drugs he was importing were the nice, soft, hippyish ones – distinct from harder substances – and that he personally never did anything nasty, which makes him a very rare drug-smuggler indeed.                                                                  Release date: Friday 8th October