Kanye West – Monster (Video Leak)

3 Jan

The effects of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy are still being felt in the world of music like a tidal wave. Two days ago, another of these waves hit the internet. A rough cut of West’s new video for “Monster” featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver has been leaked to the pleasure of our grubby little hands and ears. A big deal? You better believe it. Despite how you feel about the man or his music, Kanye West nearly always delivers exceptional, personal and thought-provoking videos. With its dark, foreboding overtone combined with a wide array of guest talent, the “Monster” video paints a dark, detailed picture for one of the best singles off the new album.

The video, like seemingly anything churned out by West these days, has and will no doubt garner a lot of backlash. The opening scene of the video depicts the corpse of a scantily-clad woman hanging from a makeshift wire noose. All the while we are introduced to the video by Bon Iver almost rasping out the lyrics “Whoa, just another lonely night, are you willing to sacrifice your life?”

Overall the song and video both equally bring the A-game of all of the artists featured in “Monster”. Their roles make sense in the setting and theme laid out in the video. Regardless of how it will be received overall, and whether or not this was an intended or accidental leak, fans of Kanye can look forward to a very refined and polished final cut.


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